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In need of advice – Bisexual / Bicurious Men Forums, Chat and Advice

Ok so what I’m hearing is you are Bicurious, your girlfriend/future fianc? is aware and supportive and you’re not sure what to do next. Did I get this right? Also sounds like you are personally able to accept bisexuality in your life.

First I think you are in the right place. This forum definitely will allow you to explore this side of yourself more fully (and welcome by the way). So question, and there is no rush here; have you considered meeting with a guy and physically exploring these desires? I don’t mean go jump bones with the first guy you see, but maybe doing a little searching in your area for someone you may feel comfortable with talking and maybe getting a little more physical with. There are a number of options for at least talking with other guys; Silverdaddies, Daddyhunt, Adam4Adam just to name a few.

Does any of this help?

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Dating and Meeting Bisexual | bisexual …

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Sexual Responses Confuse Me, What To Do? – Bisexual / Bicurious …

This is my first post as I’m trying to find a home to where I can collect my thoughts and share them, with a big community.

I was a porn addict, watched porn since I was around 9 years old, I’m 18 now, and I still love masturbating and I really cut down on the porn, though sometimes it does come up, but I’ve changed what I watch for the most part. I went through it all, I ended up liking transsexual (who I support now) porn, seen a couple of gay porn (skipped more than watched), getting erect from seeing a cock. All those things eventually made me wonder who in the hell I became, I still wonder that now. When not watching a female solo or just a video with a woman in it, I’ll watch a M/F video, and once I see his erection, I get a rising erection and it’s like I still don’t get it though I came up with theories: I used to be obsessed with penis size because I used to sext girls in middle schools, so I’ll be on google all night looking up how to increase penis size, that along with all the masturbating numbed me to the point that I even found cock to be arousing.

Porn put me in this position, I never seen a cock other than mines in real life other than one time I was in the room with some friends while a friend was getting blowjob, and I was around 15. It drives me nuts because I know i’m like this now because of porn and my masturbation, but it’s like I can’t prove it and I can’t change it. And because of that, I’m scared to pursue the girls that I want to pursue. Because if this interferes with my personal life with women, I’ll more than likely breakdown. All my life I automatically was straight, but now? I can get hard from seeing a hard cock and I can’t deny that. But now I don’t what I am now, the worst thing about is I feel as if I’m the only one. Things cool down when I just focus on women, but when I want to jerk to M/F porn, it makes me feel like I’m not straight because of what gave me a boner. If I liked guy’s sexually, then I’ll be fine and say I’m bi, but I’m not, though a guys erection can give me a rise…I just don’t get it. If I truly liked it, I would care, but I only go with it cause I’ll be horny and need all I can get me a rush.

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Have you told your family? – Bisexual / Bicurious Men Forums, Chat …

my sisters, mum uncle, cousins, one online friend, aunt(s) etc…

but i felt like i had to come out due to the shame, guilt, fear, depression, confusion and overall guilt of them not knowing

if you feel relaxed and calm and dont feel a need to come out then that’s fine…

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bi period? – Bisexual / Bicurious Men Forums, Chat and Advice

View PostTellarite Muse, on 10 July 2014 – 09:22 PM, said:

T Is it possible for a guy to actively think a m2m sex and/or engage in it and still really be completely straight. Some guys do these things and still consider themselves straight. I saw straight one guy on youtube claim that he was able to have sex with men because he was so secure in his sexuality. As far as I am concerned he can identify any way he likes but the fact that he stated how “secure” he is makes me question if he actually is secure.

Just looking up the definition of bisexual in my online dictionary, the third meaning given for the word is “Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of either sex.”. That’s insufficient as I see it as it doesn’t mean much. To me, bisexual means being sexual interested in both men and women. Their definition probably about the same as mine but I’ll replace sexual “interest” with “orientation”.

Whether a self described straight guy can still be considered straight if he does a guy once in a blue moon….whatever. As you wrote, guys can label themselves whatever they want. Maybe we should just leave it at that?

It does illustrate how hard it would be to define and quantify bisexuals. I’d say the guy in question is bisexual, although I suppose some might simply call him an opportunist. Do we really need empirical definitions for each category of sexual preference? That’s why I came up with my defintions of bisexual and bicurious. Simple, but pretty much covers it all without driving ourselves nuts trying to figure out specifics.

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